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Mary Judith Allen, DO

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Dr. Mary Judith Allen, DO, is a pediatrician in Brunswick, GA accepting new patients and a board-certified specialist in Osteopathic Pediatrics. As a proud member of the American Osteopathic Association, Dr. Allen brings a wealth of expertise and a compassionate approach to her practice. Born in Ohio and raised in the Southeast, she developed a profound commitment to pediatric care early in her career.

Driven by her innate caregiving nature and a genuine love for working with infants, children, and teens, Dr. Allen has cultivated a special interest in caring for children with special needs. Her passion for providing comprehensive and empathetic healthcare led her to the vibrant Brunswick community. Introduced by a medical colleague to the pressing healthcare needs in the area, Dr. Allen felt an immediate connection and embraced the opportunity to contribute her skills and knowledge to the community.

Beyond her medical practice, Dr. Allen finds joy in various pursuits. An avid gardener and skilled cook, she appreciates the therapeutic qualities of outdoor activities. Outside of work, her heart belongs to spending quality time with family, attending regular church services, and enjoying the transformative power of music. Dr. Mary Judith Allen, DO, embodies the essence of a dedicated pediatrician who brings both expertise and warmth to the families she serves.

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