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Dr. Sharifa Abou-Mediene, MD, MPH

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Sharifa Abou-Mediene, MD, MPH Family Medicine Physician, Advocate for Holistic Healing 
Dr. Abou-mediene's life's work embodies a blend of cultural wisdom, modern medical expertise, and an unwavering commitment to healing. Her story is a testament to the transformative power of medicine and the profound impact it can have on individual lives and communities at large. 

Dr. Abou mediene's medical odyssey began in Africa, where her early exposure to spiritual healing sparked her fascination with medicine. She embarked on a path that led her through France, Kuwait, and eventually the United States, where she dedicated herself to mastering the art and science of healing. 
Earning her stripes, she acquired a Master of Public Health from Wayne States University in Michigan while diligently preparing for her US medical certification. Her thirst for knowledge led her to a residency training in Michigan before settling in Georgia, where she embraced the role of a hospitalist before transitioning to a pivotal position as a primary care physician in private clinics. 

Dr. Abou-mediene's profound journey into medicine can be traced back to a poignant moment in her childhood. Witnessing her father's life being saved by the marvel of medical technology—a pacemaker—propelled her towards a life dedicated to healing others. That transformative event ignited a passion within her to become a healer herself, following in the footsteps of the doctors who bestowed the gift of life upon her father.
Driven by a belief in the integration of traditional healing methods with modern medicine, Dr. Abou-mediene stands as an advocate for holistic care. Her upbringing close to Jerusalem and the exposure to spiritual healing practices have instilled in her a reverence for the interconnectedness of mind body, and soul in the healing process.
In her ongoing journey as a Physician. Dr. Abou-mediene remains committed to providing compassionate, comprehensive care to her patients. Her vision extends beyond borders as she continues to advocate for global health initiatives, aiming to bridge gaps in healthcare access and promote holistic wellness practices worldwide. 

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