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Looking for a new pediatrician or primary care provider (PCP) in Brunswick, Georgia?

Welcome to Oceanhorse Health & Wellness Clinic, your trusted source for comprehensive and accessible primary care in the heart of Brunswick. As a leading healthcare provider, we understand the vital role medical care plays in your overall well-being. We specialize in pediatric and family medicine providing primary care for the whole family from birth through every stage of life.

Our clinic is dedicated to breaking down barriers and ensuring you receive the compassionate and quality care you deserve. Discover a healthcare partner committed to your journey, conveniently located in your community, and ready to address your needs with a patient-centered approach.

Schedule an appointment with us today, to keep your health on track!

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At Oceanhorse Health & Wellness Clinic, we are driven by a mission to redefine healthcare access by addressing social factors that impede well-being. Our primary care clinic is founded on the principle that healthcare is a universal right, and we strive to eliminate barriers like childcare challenges, transportation limitations, and other basic needs that often hinder access to medical services. Through a patient-centered approach, community collaborations, and innovative solutions, we aim not only to provide comprehensive healthcare but also to create an inclusive space that recognizes and responds to the broader social determinants impacting the right to health.


Our commitment extends beyond traditional medical care, seeking to nurture a supportive environment where individuals can thrive. By integrating essential services and understanding the intricate interplay between health and daily life challenges, we stand as advocates for equitable healthcare, endeavoring to empower our patients to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

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