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Helping Our Community to Become & Remain Healthy

Now Accepting New Patients 


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Meet Dr. Dixon

What we stand for:

Our mission is to help our community to become, remain, and be an healthier self. With our team and the best client experience we can do so. Since every organization is different, our primary focus is on collaborating with our clients to make their health journey easier.  As a provider we work efficiently  to build and improve  our  services to be able to deliver on this mission daily. 

Impacting Our Community

Our vision is what set us apart. Our convenience impacts how our community sees us.  Offering same-day appointments is a must and not an exception. Our quality isn't compromised because we're offering affordable care. With wait times being little to none it's almost impossible not to receive more than one service in a day. Now offering: Health and Wellness Biometric Screenings, Drug Screenings, and Covid-19. Something to look forward to: TB-Skin Testing  and Sports Physicals.

Remembering Our Core Values

While engaging with our courageous clients we will always remain on our ethical behavior showing how we can always be held accountable and respectful. We will do so by continuing to use innovating thinking to perfect our quality services. 

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