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Complete Care for the Whole Family

​Not sure where to start? We can help with that, give us a call at 912-275-8165 today.

Our providers specialize in pediatrics as well as family medicine to provide you comprehensive primary care for every age, stage, and generation. In addition to providing proactive, routine, and preventive care to keep you healthy, we treat a variety of acute and chronic illnesses, diseases, and conditions. 

Give us a call or schedule online for one of the reasons below:

New Patient
Annual Physical
Well Child
Follow Up
Medication Check
Flu Shot
Lab Work
Women's Health
Sports Physical
Work or DOT Physical
Screening Tests
Pre Operation/Procedure
I am a new patient and I would like to schedule my first visit.
It is time for me to get a check-up.
I would like to schedule my newborn's first visit.
I would like to schedule my child's routine developmental visit.
I need to follow up about my last visit or a condition or other issue I have.
I need to speak with my provider about seeing a specialist (e.g., cardiology, dermatology, etc.)
I would like to speak to my provider about medications I am taking.
I would like to schedule a flu shot.
I need to a vaccine or injection.
I need to have blood drawn for tests.
I need an imaging test done (e.g., x-ray, mammogram, bone density, ultrasound, CT, etc.)
I would like to schedule a mammogram.
I need to schedule a gynecological exam or pap smear.
I need a physical to be cleared for playing sports.
I need a physical to be cleared for work.
I need to take a screening test (e.g., hearing, vision, urinalysis, strep, flu, pregnancy, etc.)
I would like to talk to my provider about medical clearance for a surgery or a procedure.
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